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Hearty and Tasty Meals at Heritage Hill Senior Community

Deliciously prepared meal options are prepared to satisfy everyone’s palate. Relish your meal in our beautiful dining area to the accompaniment of friendly conversations with neighbors who have become friends.

When your loved one sits down for a mealtime at Heritage Hill Senior Community, they are receiving more than just a hearty, nutritious meal. They are receiving a familiar touch, a comforting smile, and engaging conversation.

Part of having good health is maintaining a healthy diet. Heritage Hill Senior Community ensures residents maintain a well-balanced diet by offering delicious, freshly prepared meals served in an open dining room setting with restaurant-style service.

Winter Mealtime Menu

Residents and Family Testimonials

My stepfather has lived at Heritage Hill for about 4 ½ years. Everyone here is caring, helpful and friendly to residents, as well as guests. There are always activities going on when I come to visit. I also enjoy the theme celebrations, which I try to participate in to encourage my dad to join. My family is able to celebrate special occasions and the food is always good. The facility is always clean and nicely decorated for each holiday.

It’s a difference you can feel

Resident holding hands with a caretaker at Heritage Hill Senior Community in Weatherly, Pennsylvania